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Allison Mead and I had a great time! Thanks to the Millers for putting it all together and to everybody else that helped out!!

Here are some of the pictures that Allison took that we just ran through and thought would be nice to share. Not a lot of big action shots, just pics of us all having fun Some are from the Black Bear run, and the others are from Poughkepsie Gulch. We had fun trying the obstacle but the mud made it really slimey and we all ended up having to winch up it.

Allison and I saw a place selling Doggles on the way to Ouray from Pagosa springs and had to stop.. so a few shots of Mead wearing them. I think we laughed more at the sight of her wearing her doggles than anything else

Thanks again, and we'll be back next year!!!

-Allison, Mead, and Marco

1, Meeting up with Mike and Friend at Como Lake
2, Ige somewhere
3, Me Somewhere
4, Matt and Fam rolling up to Imogene pass as Farnham and Friend start to put downhill bikes together for the descent
5, Matt coming down Black Bear
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