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Great weekend. Big group. All went well.

As for my runner. I was lucky Bill Morgan and I were talking about Pitman arms. He saw the cracks. Actually broken welds. I didn't realize at first how severe they were. So now Bill is pretty good at trail welding frames back together. Glad to allow him the chance to practice.

I still have a spring pin center bolt from that day. Don't know whose it is.

Also could we label all the food at the next banquet. With all the sampling I did I still don't know all I ate. But is was good. As for the beer, well that already has a label.

Thanks to all of you for your friendship to my wife Jill. She has been absent from this group of friends I have for sometime. Other things to take care of in our family. I am glad to have her riding with me again. I know all of you mean alot to her and myself.

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