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Originally Posted by nuclearlemon
magoo doesn't fly fish, i don't think, but i can guarantee he wouldn't mind doing it. and he'd love to go anyplace that requires wheeling in to fish.
why yes i do fish.ALOT.i also dabble in fly fishing but mainly for bass,trout are too weak for me.i also do alot of icefishing and that is really my specialty so anytime anybody wants to go out on the ice lemme know.also evergreen if you want to learn some basics on flyrodding we can work something out.its really simple to learn,as long as you have some coordination.
and i am still on the hunt for 4x4 trails leading to lakes.found a real nice one today.its called mackinaw/crescent lake.its on nice and easy and you can camp there too.its close to dotsero/gypsum though.
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