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Ige, thanks for the video!

man...Looking at those pictures and the video, it looks so pathetic that I didn't drive through it. It just didn't feel right....Ah well...Learn something every trip I guess.

What hasn't been brought up is the night run......

UB, Trev (isotel), and another cool cat from CLC headed up to the creek at about 11:45pm....Oh yeah...

I rode in Wild Rice, and Ige rode with Trevor.

It was simply amazing...WR and the other trucks BAJAed!!! the whole trail....I think we were up to the cut out in 10 minutes or perhaps was fast.

Got up to the wall in an equally short amount of time. The Wall proved troublesome for all rigs. It was dark and the lines just weren't happening. It was still VERY impressive.

Then French Creek. WR didn't waste any time attacking the biggest lines out there. After some SICK climbs, WR just couldn't stay out of a huge hole. Kevin decided to pull the winch after we were WAAAYYYY far over. I thought we were going to roll long before, but nope, WR is as stable as they come. Given the time, UB made a good choice. We pulled the string, and away we went.

On the way back down, we BAJA'd again. The best part was when WR took the one way section back, and Trevor took the cut out. WR beat them down by about 2,3 minutes. It was a full throttle, high range assault and WR was AMAZING!!

I must say that WR is an INCREDIBLE machine. I was amazed at the way everything works together to make the whole rig climb and ride like a dream. I can't say enough good things.

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