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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Unless you do your own wrenching, a 40 just isn't for everyone!
I did all the wrenching 1977 40. Did the power steering install, front axles installed a locrite, shocks, wiring harness, DUI Dist. Write-ups are all on Mud in the FAQ. Made some mistakes along the way and learned as I went. I do most of the wrenching on my 80.

On my previous 40 (1974) , I rebuilt the engine. That's easy and not complicated, although that was a long time ago when I couldn't afford to have others do it..

I had Robbie do the headgasket on the 80. That was worth paying for. I have done just about everything else. I did have him come down and do a bunch of work on Sarah's truck before she went for college and do my rear axle since I last did it 50K miles ago and he was here.

I have owned two 40's that cover 10 years of my life, although not concurrent. With my first 40, I didn't wheel much and where I did it was like desert or just intermediate trails.

All I know about I wheeling I learned from you guys and thats quite a bit

Thanks for the faith brotha!
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