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Default Wednesday Wheeling - Webster Pass

Martin, Dan and I got in a little bit of Wednesday wheeling with a trip up Webster Pass. We met in Conifer about 1:00, caught up on things, looked over each others rigs for about 15 minutes while waiting to see if others would be joining us. As compared to a larger run with more participants, our pace was a less frantic, much slower and we had plenty of time to take things in. This trail was new to Martin and I and it was very nice to have Dan along as this was not his first trip on the trail.

The trail is more than a forrest road with a variety of cool things; rock filled climbs, puddles, stream crossing, trees over the trail, switch backs, off camber situations. Nothing that can't be handled by a 40 year old truck running 235s and everything that could get you in trouble if you don't pay attention. The views from down low looking up and from up high looking down are fantastic. We were looking to get to the top and then deciding what the next leg of our day would be. We were able to get to the top, but our trucks were not so we decided to make it an out and back trail run.

On the way up we met a couple of gentleman on ATVs and were forewarned of a washout near the top that has made the trail very narrow. I watched the conversation between the ATVrs and Dan and from the body language and movement even I was able to get the gist; real narrow, big drop on oneside, bit rock on other, real narrow. We traveled on to the washout location and checked it out. The road bed has indeed washed out and vehicles with a span of 4.5' will be able to pass through "cleanly". Wider vehiles would need to put themselves into an off camber situation over a fair sized rock and any trouble would most likely result in a very bad situaiton. The washout is on the last switchback and just a couple of hundred yards from the top. After checking out the washout, we walked up to the top and looked over to the other side. On the walk back down we stopped again at the washout and discuessed how we would get accross the washout (if we really had to) and then backed our trucks down to the switchback where we could turn them around.

Here is a picture of the washout.

One of the puddles had a very steep and deep drop and caused the only carnage of the day. It claimed the new tail light Martin had just put on his rig. Fortunately we were able to fish out the trim ring and lens with a stick. A bit of duct tape and the light was fine for the drive home. In retrospect, we should have spent more time fishing around that hole with the stick, I'm sure there is a more treasure in there. Here are are some before and after shots of Martin's tail light.

Here are some other pictures that I took, hope you enjoy.

Martin, Dan I had a great time and am looking forward to doing it again sometime.
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