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Had a great time on my first 40 run! I'm soooo glad I got it I picked up Bruce here in Boulder at 7:15 yesterday morning and an hour or so later we rolled in to Conifer. The carb rebuild and rerouting of vacuum lines kept it running smoothly the whole way! I was pretty stoked!

It was great to see all of the trucks gathering there in conifer and I had a great opportinty to look at several later model trucks to look at windshield frames and front ends. (my camera was dead so I had to use Bruce's to take pics) Treeroot... you were absolutely correct... the differences you spoke of were definitely evident. Auri and Ron with their blue '82 from Colo Springs with the factory hard top parked next to me so that was neat... they wouldn't give in to my pleas to trade all of my early model parts for their '82 stuff.

After chit chatting for a little while we made our way up to the air down spot. Timm caught up in his freshly running 40 soon after we all arrived. It was great to see him make it since he worked so hard to get the truck running over the past few weeks.

I threw the keys to Bruce and we all took off up to Georga pass. With a brief stop at the top, we made our way down to Tider Road. The 40 continued to do well, and my confidence was building. Bruce had a blast driving and I had an equally fun time riding along. The trail headed up and over Georga pass was not too bad with some slush only in a few spots. Enough slippery to make it a little bit interesting though.

Once down at Tiger Road, we headed up the North Fork to try and make a loop out of it with the Middle Fork. Heading up the North fork we all had to pull over for a bit to let some camper trailers by, when we did that Timm's 40 didn't want to start back up again. after checking it out fussing with it for a bit it fired right back up. Timm, Ty, and friend peeled off there and headed back while we continued on the trail to eat lunch at the creek crossing.

After the creek crossing the trail started to get a bit snowier and added to the challenge of making up the steeper trail. Bruce continued to drive and we slowly crawled up to just over tree line where we all got out to watch Martin who was up in front start to break trail through a deeper section of snow. I eagerly awaited our turn, and when we made it to the intersection of the turn off to the top of Wise Mountain I jumped at the chance to break the trail towards the cabin. With Steve and Michele laughing behind me I slowly broke the trail reluctant to give up! It only took a little bit of motivation from Michele to keep me at it and soon we made it to the cabin which was ultimately our turn around spot. I was really really happy that the truck did so well since I kinda beat on it making my way through the snow. Steve, you guys will have to wait your turn for the real snow on the real snow run

Anyways, at the top we all hung out and got to watch a few folks make it all the way to the top, Justin made it up in his black 40 with the V8 and no fan/water pump belt. It was loose and I guess slung off... anyways the guage was at 300 when he peeked in there so we quickly threw the belt back on and fired it up to let itself cool off.

We all decided to make our way back down and gathered back at the lunch spot to laugh and share stories from what had turned out to be a great day already. Lots of smiles and laughs which were great to see

After socializing for a bit we headed back down to tiger road where the group split up. some folks headed to I-70, some back towards Fairplay, and some over Boreas Pass. Bruce and I were gonna head over Boreas, but decided to just take 70 home since we were both kinda done. Quoting Bruce "That steering wheel is not near as nice as the leather wrapped one in the 80!". I think power steereing just got higher on the list...

Anyways, we chatted the whole way back about how fun it was to the point that my voice got hoarse.

Thanks everybody for coming, and thanks Martin for putting it together! I had a great time, and it was great to see all the trucks together!
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