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I don't have any pics, but luckily I had Perry riding shotgun most of the day, so hopefully he'll share a few.

Thanks to everyone for coming out. We had a great crew. I apologize I didn't get a chance to talk with everyone, it was a big group and I was feeling pretty overwhelmed leading a big group on a trail I have never run myself. My pre-run was denied by the weather last week.

I would like to get everyones name and rig info, if possible for a Toyota Trails article.

I think everyone showed up except for Zepp and Cardinal. What happened to you guys?

The plan was to go up and over Georgia Pass, down the South Fork, then loop the North and Middle Fork, back down to Breck via Tiger Rd, then over Boreas Pass back to 285. Well, we hit snow heading down the North Fork trail and only made it as far as Wise Mtn. The snow was very wet and heavy and seemed to have filled in the trail even though it was mostly melted off everywhere else. The trail up near Wise Mtn had a couple of feet of cement-like snow which I did my best busting through so that the group could continue up and get turned around. Some of us had fun busting the drifts and the views were great up top. I was really bummed that the whole crew didn't make it up to the top and that we were denied the loop. But it was still a fun day.

The only mechanical issues were Timm's new 40 not starting once (I didn't even get a chance to check out your new rig!), Justin's threw a belt and overheated, Dave's lost vacuum to his TC so he had no 4wd temporarily, and Ken's smog pump seized. Everything was fixed on trail with the help and knowledge of those in attendance. It wouldn't be a 40's Run without some wrenching.

Next year I'll plan on doing the run a little earlier to avoid the snow and I'll make sure to do a trail I've pre-run.

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