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Originally Posted by CardinalFJ60 View Post year for sure. I can still fry an egg on the floor above the muffler. I'll get'er fixed up soon enough.

As I was on a ladder fixing some fence work, I was daydreaming about all the fun you guys were having. (sigh) at least I finished that small project. (double sigh)

thanks for posting all the great pics! this club has some of the nicest 40's in the country. IMHO. maybe we should do a 40's calendar next year? seems like there are plenty of folks in the club who have nice cameras and know how to use them. there poser photo-shoot day on the horizon?

Perry!! let's put something together!!
Was hoping you'd be along this year. With the new kiddo, working late and all those house projects. Was bummed when I didnt see ya in the parking lot...

I'm up for this Calendar idea Sean, lets talk it over a few more
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