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Originally Posted by 74fj40
Hey Chris, nice to meet you - don't worry, truck and riders got plenty dirty.
For us - after a year of putting the truck together - it was the first time out on a run with the 40, so it was pretty darn cool.
Truck held up well - lost only a couple of bolts. Spent all day today tightening everything back up.
Thanks Jim for setting it up.
Nice to meet Angelo and his sister too.
hey max, you should ask angelo's sister to ride with you next time.

she's a little cutie....

gonna post a trail run/clean up for this coming weekend, took the family up yesterday.
alot of the camping site were cleaned up real well,one was trashed to unbelief.
beer cans all up and down the trail.

wes give me a call or pm me...

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