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Default Moab Report-It was Great-Now I need parts

We got into Slickrock Campground about midnight Friday night. Saturday morning we hooked up with a few of the locals to run Poison Spider. We got to the very first obstacle and the Mule wouldn't climb it. The guy spotting me said "your left rear wheel isn't turning, use your locker". Well, I have a Lockright in the rear so I thought "UhOh" and sure enough I broke the drivers side rear axle. I'm not even sure when it happened. It either occurred as I made a sharp turn in the parking lot of the trailhead or even the week prior on Holy Cross. We never heard a sound. Fortunately, since I have disk brakes on the rear I could still drive without the wheel falling off so we got it back to the trailer. I found a replacement axle at Moab Outpost and by late afternoon the Mule was back up and mobile again.

We spent the next 2 days running back country trails with Crash and his friend Jack Bickers. What a treat. We'll get pictures of that posed up soon.

Now for the good stuff: On Monday we went with some folks we met and ran Moab Rim. The Mule was working great and the new tires were awesome. Everything was great until we came to the Z turn obstacle and I got off line and we did a slow flop onto the passenger side of the rig. The new tubing and body armor worked great. We winched it back on it's wheels and the only damage was the passenger side front turn indicator was crunched and a small dent in the side of the windshield frame. Other than scuffs in the paint on the tubing, not another mark any where. I backed down, moved over 2 feet to the left and she went up without spinning a wheel.

We were feeling pretty good until about 15 minutes later. We went over a very steep hill and there was a huge pot hole at the bottom. I would have normally taken it straight on but thought I would take the "easy" line until we settled down a bit. Well, I screwed up and didnt go far enough right. My left front slipped into the pothole and we very quickly went upside down again, this time a full 180 onto the top of the cage!

Once again we winched her back over, spent 20 minutes loading all of the crap back in that fell out of the back and the center console. The olf F motor lit right off with barely a puff of smoke. Once again the armor worked great and there was no body damage other than scuffed pait and now the left front turn indicator was toast too. That and my front hoop needs to be about 2" taller so my windshield frame was destroyed. We folded the windshield down and finished the rest of the run without further incident.

It was a great lesson to reinforce that you should always get out and look at any significant obstacle that is new to you, always ask for a spot from someone experienced with the obstacle, lock your center console lid and find better ways to store all of the crap you carry on runs. The only injuries were to my pride and Dee got a bump on the head when a can of WD40 in the center console fell on her head as she was crawling out.

So, if anyone has a decent windshield frame for a 1974 please let me know ASAP. If you have any front turn indicators let me know on those too but I have some others that will work for now.
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