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Last pics..

Picture of the 4ga cable to the alternator, and the Dual Battery monitor.

I really like the way it turned out, but the cables again are kinda overboard I think. I also don't really want ot add it all up. Definitley more than the $375 for the NL kit from Paul, but it will handle winching, and has beefy cables. I feel like I never have to worry about it.

I did make a few compromises.. It has no fuses (god help me if there is a bad front end collision that severs cables), and the radiator overflow bottle and VSR are just mounted to the support braces for the battery trays. Not ideal, but it works, and they are pretty stout. We'll see if they crack.

So, the truck starts REALLY fast now, and the fuel pump runs faster and quieter. the fans also run a little faster. I'm thinking that the ground cables were in seriously bad shape.

Now I never have to worry about the battery going down at camp, or worry about my 10 year old optima giving up the ghost.

Anyways, hope ya'll enjoyed the tour.

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