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Default Fall Moab Run

I'll start a new report so as to not step on Randy's thread on his recent adventures and misadventures in Moab. Would have posted earlier but we had our own misadventure on the way home this past Sunday.
Moab in the fall is a great place to be, first off. Way fewer people on the trails but, when exploring with Jack Bickers, seeing others that are sharing your trail is a rare thing, indeed. Jack and I did, on Tuesday, meet up with a lone bicycle rider way out on Spring Point who just happened to be from the Kansas City suburb that I grew up in a long time ago. Love those "small world" occurances and Jack was able to inform the rider as to where he was versus where he thought he was. The only other time we crossed paths was with the occasional ATV or motorcycle riders. Jack did have some difficulties assessing our location a couple of times because of all the new trails being created by bikes and quads that just can't seem to use the existing trails that are everywhere and go to the same places. Sound familiar?
The pics in this post are some that I took on the trail Sunday through Tuesday and I'll post up some from Thursday and Friday that Suzie took. It was fun taking Randy and Dee out with Jack on Sunday and Monday and I'm sorry to read about the flop and roll you guys. Glad no one was hurt. Our misadventure? Losing the engine in the 80 in Edwards on the way home Sunday afternoon. MANY thanks to Gary Coberly-Waggoner for helping retrieve the truck on Monday in some pretty shaky weather!!
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