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Engine will be fine and it is just one of those things that if you play, you gotta pay sometimes. Thanks for the offer of help, Randy.
Here are a few more pics from Suzie's camera. Jack took us into Arches National Park from the west side which used to be the main entrance a long time ago. It wasn't a difficult trail but it showed that if you wanted to see Arches, way back when, you had to work for it. The first thing you come to via this direction is Balanced Rock which always amazes me. It's going to cause a big thud one of these days. Oh yeah, entrance is free from this direction and going back out the same way is more fun that on the pavement. Our last day with Jack was spent exploring more of the high overlooks on the Green River near the east side of Bow Knot Bend. On Bow Knot Isle, you can still see mining equipment left many years ago and inaccessible now. Just like the miners of early Colorado days, the prospectors from this century for oil, gas and uranium went to great lengths to find what they were after. Most of the trails Jack likes to explore were created by these folks and to keep the trails alive is Jack's mission. We warmed up a few this trip with more trips to come.
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