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Being more of a web mechanic and indoor dog I didn't mess with this last night. This afternoon I still had nothing when turning the ignition to start. I ran a hot wire from the starter to the battery (thanks Tim) and it turned right over and started. HutHut was giving me a hand and very surprised/impressed at how easy it was to use the "key wire" to get the truck started.

I removed the ignition switch and tested the wire to the starter for continuity. The wire checks out fine. Since the problem Tuesday night each time I tried to start, I would hear a click when turning the key to the On position and no click when turning the key to the Start position. While I had the switch out, I put the key in and cycled it through the various stops. There is a very clear click in each one. I put the ignition switch back in and it is working fine for now. HutHut has the "key wire" in the glove box if it is needed. A new ignition switch is on order from Toyota and should arrive on Monday.

For you owners of older 40s, what tool do you guys use to remove the ignition switch ring that holds the switch to the dash? I used some snap ring pliers and fortunately the ring was not on very tight.
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