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I got home around 12 but want to say thanks also to Tim for putting on a great event. Thanks Robbie for the fire. Kept us all warm in the bursts of snow and wind we got. I was part of the group that got turned around and my SPOOKY run did not start till i started back down to the camp spot. As i was going along and sliding downhill towards trees i realized i was alone. The group that turned around was already half way back down and since i was on CB i slowly lost them. I know i was no alone out there but at the time i was. After the second or third slide towards trees going downhill the SPOOKY part came to life. I took my time to make sure i did not do anything stupid and had to get out and look at the one hole and i think a few other spots to take a look but never being on this trail and pitch dark with it getting colder made me think a bit. I got a hold of Tim finnally coming down the other side when i was about half way down. At the bottom i talked to Marco and thanks for waiting there. I know OCR was further down and we went back together. That helped since things look different at night and i had no clue where i was and how to get back. Nerves aside was a good time and good to see folks again. Glad to hear everyone made it home safely. RS rules! See everyone on the trails.

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