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After plinking, we headed to the White Mountain Petroglyph site, which was a real treat to see. I had never seen Shoshone Indian petroglyphs and they were very different from Fremont, Anasazi and archaic glyphs. There was a lot of sandstone to scramble around on and a cool cave or two to explore.

White Mountain Petroglyphs.

I know, I know... We've been talking about Brown Holes, Killpeckers, and exploring canyons and caves. Get your minds out of the gutter!

Next we headed to the DUNES! The Killpecker Dunes are the largest moving dune system in the USA. We lucked out and it had rained the night before and they were in perfect, untracked condition. This is an official ORV recreation area and we had it all to ourselves. Since my 40 was running like poo that morning, I did a little trail maintenance which included duct tape on the rotor, and the temporary fix let me race around the dunes for a couple of hours with the 40 running fine. It was fun to watch everyone off in the distance playing in the sand. Nothing reduces a bunch of grownups to three year olds playing in the sandbox like towering dunes and Toyotas. I didn't get many pics because I was too busy playing.

Killpecker dunes.

From the dunes, we headed out into the Red Desert to find another camp. The area out there is VAST. Nothing but two tracks and rolling hills for as far as the eye can see. I really hope to get back there soon for more exploring. Our buddy Wyatt showed us an area on Steamboat Mtn that was another great camp. It had, unfortunately, been occupied recently before us by a group of careless hunters who left behind loads of trash and animal parts. We cleaned it all up, set up camp, chowed down and had a nice campfire to consume malted beverages around as the snow fell.

Headed out of the dunes across the Red Desert and camp on Steamboat Mtn.

Part III coming soon...

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