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The next morning we awoke to a nice layer of snow and packed up in the cold. Sean's inverter and coffee pot were the shiz, and Daniel brought a big tin of grounds to keep us in the caffeine. Thanks Sean and Daniel! We headed out into the fog and two tracked it across the Desert. Daniel had some electrical gremlins of his own and had a brief pitstop to try and locate the trouble, which must have been the latte machine, stereo amp, and 12 V blankie all drawing too much power from the same fuse. (he does drive an 80 ). Once we were moving again we crossed some serious open country with many sighting of deer and antelope. The two tracks were faint, but the fog lifted and we enjoyed traversing some badlands as we headed towards Honeycomb Buttes and South Pass City where we were supposed to meet up with Kurt and Scott from Utah.

Red Desert heading towards South Pass and Honeycomb Buttes.

At this point my 40 was really running poor and I was doing all I could to keep it running. Backfiring, missing, stalling. With some great navigating by Perry and Daniel we got back onto the main road headed towards our meet up spot with Kurt and Scott who were waiting for us in South Pass City. (You have to love HAM radio - we were in contact with them for hours before we all finally congregated. ) My 40 chugged out and would not re start in the midle of the desert between Oregon/Honeycomb buttes (beautiful spot) and Perry and I hung out and drank beer while Daniel and Sean cruised up to South Pass to find Kurt and Scott. They had the parts I needed, and with a little electrical gremlin exorcism, the 40 was back in business. Thanks again guys!

While out in that section of desert, we didn't see a single vehicle other than our crew for many many hours. The solitude was grand. We tried a route around the Honeycomb Buttes, but were denied by Wilderness Study area signs that blocked an historic stage coach route heading North that we were trying to follow. The Wilderness Study areas wouldn't be our only blockade, as we also ran into some unfriendly private property owners who were not too cordial about us driving across their land even though the route we were following was clearly designated as a historical trail. After a few detours we were on our way to Atlantic City and the Ghost Town of Miners Delight where our next camp would be.

Honeycomb Buttes and the route towards Miners Delight.

I didn't get any pics from Atlantic City, but it was a very cool tiny, historic town. Everyone in the crew except myself went into "town" to visit the local watering hole. I hung out in camp and kept the camp fire going, ate some chow and relaxed after a long day. I'm sure Perry and Daniel will post up stories about their evening with the local at Miner's Grubstake Saloon. Sounded surreal. I hope Sean can post the video of Steve... "What the F*&^&! ... Awe hell... C'mon in slim!....

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