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We headed out for the Hole In the Wall, our destination for the trip, which was a known hideout for Butch Cassidy's gang. On the way we passed by Hell's Half Acre, a small geological area and we stopped by to check it out. Business wasn't boomin' but the scenery was great.

Hell's Half Acre.

On the way to the Hole In the Wall, we passed through amazing, open country. The day was getting late so we found a campsite along a canyon not far from the trailhead where we would hike the next day. This was a great campsite on BLM land overlooking a big canyon. The wind was whiping pretty hard, but it calmed down in the evening and we had, what I thought, was the best campsite of the trip. We had some chow, drank some beers, did a night hike, and crashed out.

Hole in the Wall country.

The next morning started out great with a big community breakfast and leisurely dismantling of camp. We headed to the Hole in the Wall trail and hiked to the top along the route that the Outlaws used to take to evade the law.

Outlaw trail up to Hole in the Wall.

After the hike, Perry, Sean and I headed back to "civilization". Daniel. Kurt and Scott decided to stay another day or two, so I look forward to hearing how it went.

Thanks again for putting together this great run Perry. Looking forward to the next one.

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