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Tooth Fairy
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Default I'm here!

Tooth Fairy es esta in las Colorado!

How's that for some fricken spanglish eh?

I've been here for just over two weeks now and I haven't had any time to check in. Been really busy with fire dept. stuff with all the testing and interviews and all not to mention getting a job to support my family. So here I am.

For those of you that may not know me this is my screen name from 'mud and pirate and I figgered I'd be consistent even though I plan on not making teeth fo a whole lot longer.

Next month will be even more full of fire dept. tests then this one was, but, I will try to make it to the meeting on the first wed. of Oct. Meanwhile if you guys see me or my wife drivin' around wave. She's in the white '93 with bike racks ARB front Tooth fabbed rear (still in process ) and I buzz around in a silver Miata. My dad's got my 40 up in Jefferson, but, he brings it tinot the valley once in a while. It's got a 4" spring under, welded rear, detroit front, ps, Metal Tech front fenders, black rims wrapped in 36" TSL's, he's runnin the h/t and it's all flat tan.

I work at 44th and Wadsworth so I'll try to see you guys at the meeting!

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