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Yup, what he said - it was too much fun!! Thanks to Kevin for getting the run done and for the Oktoberfest which was the perfect choice and thanks to Robbie for the chips, guacamole and the "no Kevin, that isn't nuts, get your fingers outta there" salsa. It was dark out even with the full moon on top of Nugget Hill! Special thanks to Ty for the grins along the way.
It was good to see that Gillespie isn't totally graded out but we'll have to see what happens with the possibility of mining starting back up, up there. It was a fun run and makes me look forward to Nakman's Spooky Night Run coming up next month. Night wheeling rocks!!

Originally Posted by Uncle Ben
It was an awesome run! Nearly a full moon, lights as far as the eyes could see and SA Ocktoberfest to wash down the snacks! We had considered going back down right away and then go up Castle Gulch but we were having too much fun atop Nugget Hill so we stayed put. Any more fun and you would have to put us in straight jackets and lock us up! :p
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