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Originally Posted by JadeRunner
So Nay and my new Tacoma friend, Carlisle who lives in my neighborhood, had a good run on Spring Creek today. Pictures to come tomorrow. The trail is much harder in spots (like the garden). Nays 80 was really hooking up with his custom 3" suspension and 35's.

So what about the Sat. run. Did you guys go?

Yes we went, it's a good thing you went sunday. We showed up at about 10:30 and the trail was closed for a mtn bike race until noon. So we proceeded up almost to bill moore lake for something to do and then started spring creek at about 1:00. Had a hard time on the 3rd obstacle, rock garden was tough too. We had a few mechanicals, cherokee - broken brake line, and two flat tires (not mine). We got back into Idaho Springs at about 8:30. Long day but fun. Few new dents in the underside of the 100. Pics when I round them up.

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