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Originally Posted by subzali
So it's either between a BFG Mud Terrain or the Goodyear MT/R. MT/Rs are obviously more money, which I will have, but just trying to get a pat on the back before I got for it. Now that the truck has the Lockright, my biggest concern is how the rear end might try to swing around when I'm on a snowy sideslope. I heard that MT/Rs have better lateral traction and are an overall tougher tire, so I've REALLY been leaning that way. Just want people's last input for that tire size before I pull the trigger.
If you are looking for snow performance with lateral traction, you should get Trxus MT's. They will be tame in a 31" size, and they are the best snow tire I have ever run. They do very well in city hardpack, are awesome in the deep stuff, good in slush and changing conditions.

I've replaced BFG AT ko's on two rigs with Trxus MT's in much larger sizes than you are considering, and both times I the difference was so big that I could stop draining all the blood out of my knuckles every time it snows.

Snow performance is the singular reason I continue to buy this tire over any other MT or AT on the market. You know your tires are working when you are out with four young children on a snowy/icy forest road hunting for your christmas tree and your wife is relaxed and comfortable enough to take the long way back out so you can get a bit of a wheeling fix.

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