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Default Spring Creek 6-4-06

The first obstacle has a new line up the rocks more. It's pretty fun. A good bumper is needed when your slide down a little into the new rock.

On the second obstacle, the normal line is really big. I could never do properly on 33's. Longer wheel base rigs seemed to do better here. There was a group of jeeps behind us and a jeep and Toyota in front of us (the Toyota guy is Tony I think, he wants to join the club). Nay made a beautiful flexi move\wheel stand over it. I wish I would have got a picture or video of it, but I was spotting him. I had to take the new bypass. Which really didn't feel right. The normal tree being gone for a few years now has changed it all. It's ugly.

On the rock garden, longer wheel base rigs seemed to struggle. I couldn't make it. I tried two different lines on the first section and kept getting hung up. The jeeps were able to work through it nicely.

I took the bypass and had to work to get through it. We worked even harder to get the Tacoma through it. Rock stacking sucks. Picked up more trash.

The upper rock garden section all the way up turned out to be more fun. But you hate to see the road so torn up within the last several years.

We had lunch up top with a nice breeze and view around 2pm. Carlisle and I did some exploring down the trails and to the west until the road ran out. Then we worked our way back down to fall river road.

Pictures go like this. 1st, 2nd obstacle then 3 of the rock garden and bypass.
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