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37s, 38s ha ha good one

Farnham, I went through thinking about the 33 stage last fall, but after this winter I'm pretty gunshy about it. My bald 32 x 11.50s have taken me further than I have expected, and now with the Lockright in the rear I don't want to get too tall and rub. Again I'm changing backspacing, tire width and tire height all at the same time, and don't want to many variables to end up working against me. Couple reasons behind staying with 31s are mostly because I don't want to cut the bed/rub anything more than it is already...and chains are a big deal; even if the tires do okay in the snow I still want the option, and chains take up a lot of wheel well space.

Also, as I mentioned before, my buddy CJ7 Matt has done pretty much anything in Moab that I'm even going to want to do (at least for now) on 31 x 10.50 Big O A/Ts, and the plus is that once I get my exhaust pulled up I will have more clearance than him. Those Trxus tires look pretty good, there's a lot (it seems) of blowouts though, which in a 40 would be very bad. At this point I think I'm pretty much decided on the MT/R and am sticking with the size (for now), because I basically want to do this to the truck and be done working on in for a while; just drive it. I don't plan to be doing SOA or lift kit anytime soon, and cutting the body is NOT an option as it's already been done to a reasonable extent (3.5" on rocker panels and 1" in rear fenders). Someday I might be going bigger and better, but that's too far off for me to plan right now, got too many other things going on: just want to drive and wheel

So thanks for the advice and the laughs, I'll keep the Interco Brand in mind for the future, but now I guess I really need to get schooled on shocks. Anybody?
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