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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Martin it's an ARE, got it off CL in May. Bought the windoor separate from suburban toppers though so far just the driver's side, $250 each for those. how much weight can you put on a rack? I want to do a RTT, and have a design for one that isn't supported by the topper, more like one of those lumber things. I almost squished a fiberglass topper on our last taco, bringing some deck lumber home from the depot...

Mike I like your black rims on your 80 a lot.. have really thought of doing that on my 80 too. Still not sure what's best on the Taco here, will let it ride with silver for a while. and yeah we'll see how it all looks when I get a different bumper on there.
The ARE toppers are supposed to have a high weight capacity and several people on ExPo have been running them with RTT's. I was asking Kurt from Cruiser Outfitters about it and he concurred. There is a big difference in stationary vs moving load, so a topper that can take a 200Lb moving load will be plenty strong to hold a tent and couple of people while parked. I'm going to get there "track system" which will let me add as many Yakima load bars as I see fit (3). I'll let you know how it works.

Also, when I called suburban topper this week, they quoted me $110 per side for the windoors.

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