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Had a great time while on the trail. Diffrent story on pavement. I've got 1 or 2 pics but I'll have to post them onto my myspace page if some one could post them on the forum for me. Big thanks to Rudy and steve. As they had to leave OTB to come back to that huge hill after ditching me on the side of the road. Lol JK. I over heated or somthing going up that huge hill on 70 I was 100yards from the top. the truck I think was over heating on the. Trail eariler. But this time I was poping 30amp fuses every time I turned the key over. So the dude in the yellow fjc was behind me the whole time he pulled over and waited with me while I sorted it out. (don't know his name) but he cut the last 2" of his speaker wire for me and I used it as a jumper wire. I was like. "well it's either going to start or start a fire. Lol" and she started. so j made to OTB fine. Steve. And Rudy were on there way to get me. And saw me going down one a hill so they turned around again to catch up. Because I'm not stoping but after OTB (why do we go to that micro burry ) OTB had budlight on draft. Lol on the way home Rudy followed me incase I broke down again. She was driving perfectlly like she always had. Then poof. Died again. And she not hot. "I think the ECM blew" I was like 1/2 a mile from federal on 70 so we decided to strap it and tow it to the shop. Kinda scary to drive 40mph with maneual steering and maneual brakes only 30' behind a beautifuell truck. Once we got it to the shop (big thanks again Rudy) we had to PUSH it spool and all into the shop had to make a "s" turn but me did it. Woohoo.
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