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Default A little help needed... strange noise up front

Howdy Everyone-

I have this posted over on ih8mud, but thought I would throw it out over here. I have this popping noise comming from up front. It only happens when:

The axle articulates (not much is needed just a bump will do).
Not speed related, in fact, I dont hear it at cruising speed.
happens a bit more when turning.

I have put it up on jack stands level and articulated and couldnt get it to happen with the steering being moved. Nothing in the steering is binding. Yesterday, I pulled both birfs and gave them a thorough look, nothing is out of the ordinary there either, they both look and operate great.

Some guys have suggested springs are suspect, and I should try oiling them, any other thoughts?

I am hoping for a nice ride up Conney Flats next weekend and I want to find out what this noise is and correct it.

Thank you in advance.

Rezarf <><
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