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Thanks for the research. I think Moab Solutions is focused on keeping areas clean and that alignment results in some overlap. With them it was always only about recycling since the Moab recycling center is closed on Sundays when we all head home. But to your observations, I don't take them to be anti OHV. Plus, our modest donation did little more than cover their costs to haul our recyclables.

In Rising Sun we always spread a positive message about responsible use and responsible users. But some people will never see our perspective. And as with most all things, a few bad apples spoil the bunch - from both sides. How do we educate reckless ATV users who go off-route in "designated route" areas (i.e., breaking the law)? How do we educate rabid environmentalists who want to shut everything (i.e., taking away rights established by law)?

Would we want Rising Sun to be one of the "Recommended Websites to Visit"? Should we have a prominent environmental policy on the website?
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