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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
Martin, amazing pics! Grand Staircase is one of my all time favorite spots to hike. Not sure if you got to do any of the slot canyons, but I've never had that much fun on a hike before. Simply amazing. Actually, late spring when its hot, but still plenty of water in the canyons is my favorite time. Hiking through the water is AWESOME (you pack your boots and dry socks in your pack, and wear old sneakers in the water. Its amazing.

We did a little bit of hiking around the slickrock near our camp, but not into any of the slot canyons. Kim being 6.5 months pregnant, she didn't feel up for anything too adventurous. I'm definitely going to go back for backpacking/hiking and explore more. I have read a lot about the area, so it was great to get a taste.

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