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Default Devils Canyon Snow Run 11-29-2009

I rebuilt a carb and installed it last week and was itching to try it out. Martin (MDH33) and I took a brief snow run into Devils Canyon yesterday. It was a beautiful day to be out and there was just enough snow to make the trip challenging. The first leg of the trip was not too rough as someone had recently been up there and had cut tracks through the snow. When we got to where they had turned around we stopped and scoped out out the trail.

The next section had not been traveled in some time and the trail was drifted over. It was on a slight downhill and I was pretty confident that I could work my way down and through. My truck is travelling on 31" tires and is not lifted. Martin stayed up on dry ground just in case. In short order I was stuck and out came the straps.

The tug was not breaking me free, so out came the shovels. Martin had a real shovel and I had one of those break down spades. After a little shoveling we had cleared down to firm ground at the front tires and with the added traction I broke through and we climbed up a little hill where we stopped for a burrito, put on the chains and scoped out our next move. We also made some adjustments to the idle mixture and idle speed on my carb.

The trail down the other side of the hill was very drifted and while we would have been able to get down, we were not too sure about being able to get back up. Add to that our unfamiliarity with the rest of the trail we decided not to risk going down. While on top of the hill we saw a huge buck mule deer bouncing in the meadow below. The area is pretty wide open back in there.

So we ended up heading back out the way we came. The short section of trail where we cut new tracks turned out to be the major challenge on our way out. Even with chains on the front tires, we both had to take several runs and Martin did a boat load of shoveling (thanks Martin) through this stretch. At wide open throttle, there snow was flying.

I left my gloves on the roof when we chained up. Martin drove us back in his rig to pick them up. After the trail breaking both ways, the short trip was easy enough. We managed to make contact with Nakman on 146.460 while we were up there. The Devils Canyon Trail gate is scheduled to close for the season December 2. I'm glad we got the chance to get back in there before the closure. The new carb is working great.
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