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Default Red Cone - 10 June, 2006

Got this from my boss...

Hey Chris - the Forest Service opened up the gate on Red Cone for our patrol to do a first run Saturday. We got over the top and down about 1/3 of the way to Montezuma. We ran into snow in several places that was an absolute mess to get through - lots of winching, high-speed passes, etc. But it was all fun until we ran into a wall of snow 5 feet high. When we climbed up on the snow bank, we could see drifts 5-10 feet thick running down the trail for about 100 yards. We gave up. But that meant we had to go back UP Red Cone. That was an adventure! Not as bad as I feared, but not something I'd do every day. Webster Pass back down to 285 is snowed so much that it might be August before it melts out. Its a huge ridge of snow that extends probably 50 yards down the shelf road and its hard as a rock. We could walk on it without even beginning to sink an inch.

The truck was a mess. I had the top off, so I had mud inside and out - pretty much had one solid brown jeep. But it was worth it - a fun day all around.

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