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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
I don't know what the issue is with running the exhaust straight back from the passenger side bank, maybe the frame gets in the way, or possibly the front driveshaft/t-case? But yes it seems that a lot of people cross it under the oil pan. A couple people put up some heat shields, others didn't seem to worry about it. Just make sure you can get to your drain plug and oil filter!
The transfercase takes up every square inch of room on that side. Not even a 1/4" of clearance. You could go under it but why!! That's the new lowest point then. Ya can exit right off the ram horn out to the outside of the frame but it makes for a really tight bend. Going under the oil pan is the eaisest way to route but can cause extra heat. Just make sure it dosent block your oil filter (FJbrady had that issue) and either make sure it's low enough to remove the oil pan or make that section with a flange in order to remove the cross over. To access the oilpan removal. (think ahead). I'm probelly going to go the route that bruiser did. But under the frame Between the leaf mounts with block huggers and run the pashenger side out side the frame and notch the body mount for clearance. (less pipe, and un-restricted access to the oil pan w/ no heat issues)
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