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I tried to wave you down at lunch time today Marco, but you were moving pretty fast out of the parking lot. BTW, my friend Kaye says you always bring life to the meetings you attend. Your sense of humor is apparently legendary at work.
Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
SON OF A ****!!!! man, I like that place. What do you mean it's not on the top 5 of your list?

OK, get ready to do it again... because next time I can be in town I'm calling it.

Jeff, yes it's good to be working, didn't mean to come off to negative This little engineer has been pulling double duty as a marketing person lately and it seems all my weekends are stolen away from the cruiser and associated breakfasts! Even with that I still don't spend much time away from home so I can't complain. Who wouldn't rather be eating breakfast with you guys though??
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