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Originally Posted by 80lolux4x4 View Post
I tried to wave you down at lunch time today Marco, but you were moving pretty fast out of the parking lot. BTW, my friend Kaye says you always bring life to the meetings you attend. Your sense of humor is apparently legendary at work.
You know I saw you there and thought to myself "That's John" but I was too hungry and in a hurry for it to really click. Weird... evidence that I really need to slow down I guess. I mean I saw you there, saw your truck, gave a half wave and just thought it was you but it didn't click. Guess the fact that you were parked right at our front door and I didn't expect to see ya there threw me off a bit..

Glad Kaye enjoys my sense of humor, somtimes I feel like I am too much the pesimist around here!!
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