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Default Aisan Carburetor Rebuild

A year or so ago, I bid on a couple of parts carbs and rebuild kit on the e-bay. Upon arrival, one of the carbs looked to be pretty much complete and the other was a complete rusted mess. The rebuild kit box was torn up pretty good, but the parts were still in sealed plastic bags. The whole works went into the “someday pile”.

In my continuing quest to learn, I recently rebuilt the carburetor. The starting point is a 1973 Aisan carburetor with a build date code of 2I4 (Sep. 4, 1972) on the air horn. The carb had a tag on it indicating it had previously (at least once) been rebuilt.

If you have the time to research, you will find there is very little about the rebuild process that has not been covered. I found the FSM to be a very useful guide on the teardown process. I also got some very good advice and tips from Martin (MDH33) who has done a few carb rebuilds. I took just under 250 photos during the process and took very detailed notes during the teardown. Even with the large number of photos, as I was doing this write up there are photos of steps/things that I missed. There are a large number of parts and pieces that need to be removed for cleaning. However do not fully disassemble every piece of the carb; butterfly valves and leave and linkage should be kept as intact as possible.

If the starting point is a working carb, chances are pretty good the rebuild process will be uneventful because all the parts are there. In my situation, I did encounter a couple of parts issues; missing a screw/bolt and the sight glass had a chip. Aside from that the carb I started with was pretty much intact.
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