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Default Tools and Carb Kit

There are a few tools used in the rebuild that come in very handy and might not be in the common tool kit. Forceps and tweezers are very useful for the linkage pin clips and a clip at the bottom of the accelerator pump hole. A magnifying glass is needed for reading the size on the jets. Flat head screw drivers with heads wide and thick enough for the jets heads are a must have. It may take some minor grinder trimming on a couple of flat head screw drivers to get them perfect. A ” drive 9mm deep socket is needed to remove the power valve. A small measuring stick comes in handy for setting the level of the float. A Philips head screw driver, 17, 14, 12 and 10 mm wrenches and/or sockets should round out the tools needed. I came across this in the junk yard and could feel the cruiser karma..

UPDATE 12-3-2012: A small impact driver (Harbor Freight special) comes in handy for dealing with stubborn screws.

There are varying levels and types of carb kits. The most basic contain new gaskets and seals and the more robust include new components and jets. The kit I used was a Keyster and it came with all the gaskets and many new components; jets, power valve, needle valve, idle mixture screw, accelerator pump, and steel balls.
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