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Default Teardown Separating the Air Horn from Body

The objective of this step is to remove the accelerator pump lever, remove idle solenoid, disconnect linkages, remove seven screws, remove the choke breaker, and separate the air horn from the body.

To remove the accelerator pump lever, a 12mm wrench (or socket) is used to loosen and remove the pump lever bolt. Next remove the retainer clip that holds the pump lever rod to the linkage at the base of the carb. Now remove the accelerator pump lever and rod from the carb assembly. It will just slide away to the side.

To remove the idle solenoid, remove the two screws that hold the idle solenoid in place. With the screws removed the assembly can be pulled off the carb. There is a gasket between the solenoid and the carb body that is sometimes missing. This gasket will be replaced with one from the rebuild kit.

Next remove the retainer clips and two linkages on the choke breaker.

Next remove the retainer clip and one linkage at the top of the choke arm.

With the linkages out of the way, remove the seven screws that hold the air horn to the body. In the left hand side of the first picture four are visible; two of these four hold down the choke breaker bracket and one is holding down a metal tag. In the second the three remaining screws are visible. Remove all of these screws out and set the choke breaker aside. An important note, the choke breaker should not be dipped. The choke breaker should be inspected by applying vacuum to it, if the arm moves in then it is ok.

Carefully pull the air horn up and off the carb body. There is a gasket between these two pieces that will sometimes tear. This gasket will be replaced with one from the rebuild kit. Also, there is a washer gasket that should stay on the base, but is often stuck to the gasket. This was the case with me and you can see the washer gasket at 10:00 from the pump.

My carb kit came with many replacement linkage retainer clips, fortunately I did not need to use any of them.
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