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Default Teardown – Removing the tiny steel balls

There are two small steel balls in the carb; small ball goes in big hole, big ball goes in small hole – recite this often enough and it is easy to remember which ball goes where.

Let’s get the small ball, to do this remove the spring, clip and small ball from inside the accelerator pump hole. The spring should just lift up, the clip is best removed with forceps and the ball should just roll out. Be careful with the ball, it is tiny. On some carbs the ball is really stuck down in there because of old varnished fuel and/or oxidation. These are poor quality pictures, but in the first you can see the hole and the forceps have the clip. In the second you can see the ball sitting at the bottom – it is in there just squint your eyes.

Let’s get the big ball. This ball is hidden very well. To get it remove the gasket/washer, aluminum plug, and discharge weight first and then the ball. In the first picture, the pencil is pointing to the gasket/washer. Remember, sometimes this washer gasket gets stuck to the gasket between the air horn and carb body; that’s where mine was. I put it in its proper place for the photo. This washer gasket will be replaced with one in the rebuild kit.

The aluminum spacer should just fall out when the carb is turned upside down – but be careful because the discharge weight and ball will also just fall out. Here again these parts can really be stuck. When everything is out ok, here are the pieces and the order they go in.

The order and orientation of all these parts is important. Together with the accelerator pump they shoot a small jet of fuel into the primary barrel of the carb when you “pump the gas”. It is a really cool thing to see when bench testing the carb. My carb kit came with replacement steel balls.
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