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Default Teardown – Removing the Jets

There were 7 jets in this carb; 2 “slow” jets, 2 “regular” jets, 1 “power valve” jet and 1 “spare regular” jet and 1 “spare power valve” jet. All these jets should be removed and soaked in the carb dip. The jets are made out of soft metal and easily deformed. Make sure the best fitting flat head screw driver is used for each jet; failure to do so will likely result in destruction of the jet.

When removing the regular jets (primary and secondary), some grinding may be needed on the sides of the screw driver so that it fits through the plug hole.

The jets all look very similar, but each one is a different diameter. It is very important to keep track of each jet, its size and where it came from. Each jet should have the size stamped on it. A magnifying glass will be needed to read the size.

The “slow” jets are long and there is one for the primary and secondary. In the first photo, I am removing the “slow” jet for the secondary. In the second photo, I am removing the “slow” jet for the primary. Use the magnifying glass to read the size of each jet and write down the size and location.

There are “spare” jets that need to be removed. To get to them remove the plugs on the carb body. The plugs are just below the sight glass. Use a 12mm wrench/socket to remove each plug. In the first photo I am removing the primary plug. Each plug has a gasket and a spare jet in it. Separate the spare jet from the plug. Read the size of each jet and write down the size and location.

Next the primary jet and secondary jets are removed. I don’t have good photos of this, but basically run the screw driver through the plug hole to remove each jet. Each jet will have a gasket. As with all the jets so far, as soon as the jet is removed, read the size and write down the size and location. The plug holes are where the plugs were removed from.

Finally the power valve is removed. The 9mm deep socket is used to remove the power valve. The power valve jet is on the bottom of the power valve. I don’t have good photos of this step. The power valve is at the bottom of the fuel bowl in the v shaped slot on the back end of the first photo. The power valve (with the power valve jet still attached) is in the egg carton slot to the right of the sight glass pieces in the second photo.

My carb kit came with a replacement power valve in it. My carb kit also came with replacement jets, oddly though it only had one “slow” jet.
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