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Default Teardown Separating the Body from the carb Base

The carb body is held on to the carb base with three screws. Two of the screws also have a head that will allow you to use a wrench/socket to remove.

The third screw is accessed from the bottom of the carb body. This screw has a hole going all the way through it. The first photo is what the screw looks like. In the second photo, you will find the screw in the hole that is between the primary and secondary bores.

Upon removing all three, the carb body can be separated from the carb base. There is a gasket between the two pieces. This gasket will be replaced with one from the rebuild kit.

The carb body will have a pivot arm for linkage on it. This can be left attached, but in my situation I removed it using a flat head screw driver. There screw holding it on to the carb body also has a washer

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