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Default Teardown Air Horn parts

The float, needle valve assembly, power valve piston assembly, accelerator pump, accelerator pump boot and fuel inlet assembly are removed from the Air Horn.

The float is held in place by a pin. Slide out to the side and remove the float. Inspect the float for damage or holes. If it is damaged, it will need to be replaced.

With the float removed the needle valve assembly pieces are visible.

The three needle valve pieces; needle, spring and pin in the needle valve can be pulled out. The float, float retaining pin and three needle valve pieces and their orientation are.

Remove the housing of the needle valve pieces. I did not have a flat head screw driver wide and enough, so I used a chisel. I did not take a picture. There is a gasket on the end of the housing. My carb kit came with all new parts for the needle valve assembly.

The power valve piston assembly is held in place by a retainer. A Phillips head screw driver is used to remove the screw holding the retainer to the Air Horn. The retainer, lock washer and screw can be removed from the air horn.

The two power valve piston pieces; piston and spring can be pulled out.

The accelerator pump is removed by pulling it out and the accelerator pump boot is removed using a flat edge.

The fuel inlet assembly is removed using a 14mm wrench/socket. Under the top nut is a gasket and screen.

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