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Default Cleaning Overview

The objective of cleaning is remove varnished fuel, dirt and grime from all the pieces and parts and passages of the carburetor. The effective method of doing this involves dipping the parts in carburetor cleaner for a day.

After dipping the parts need to be rinsed and an air hose can be used to dry the parts. The air hose should also be used to blow-out all the passages in the carb parts. The carb dip is not good for rubber, plastic or skin. Care should be taken to not submerse any parts that have rubber or plastic.

The carb dip can is not big enough to hold all the carb parts at one time. I was told that the cleaning is even more effective if the parts are dipped, rinsed, and dried with the air hose twice so I did this and as a result it took several days to complete the cleaning.
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