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Originally Posted by RicardoJM View Post
There are a large number of parts and pieces that need to be removed for cleaning. However do not fully disassemble every piece of the carb; butterfly valves and leave and linkage should be kept as intact as possible.
Learned that one the hard way. The FSM describes the process for disassembling the valves from the air horn, so I went for it. Broke both brass screws...... Luckily Ace has a good selection of small brass (in SAE), so I retapped it and reassembled.

Very nice writeup overall. I thought about letting someone else do my rebuild, but I decided to rebuild mine about a month ago and I'm glad I did it. I learned quite a bit about the carb construction, tuning, and that spaghetti throttle linkage. I thought it was a pretty fun project.

Which rebuild kit did you use? I posted somewhere else that I was surprised at the variability in the parts list included in the different kits. Even the Keyster kits vary quite a bit.
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