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Originally Posted by COMITX
Hi Everyone,

I'm making my return to the Denver area from Texas and would like to resurrect this old post.

Is the 5 year collector plate rule still in tact about not having to get emissions testing done after passing?

Is it still true that all I need is to have an air pump that appears to be working to get it to pass?

I'm considering a trade down here for a FJ40 and need to know the answers to these questions before I pull the trigger.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to meeting everyone once I get settled in up there.

Hi Ken, welcome back! Yes, the 5 year collector plates are still available. Under current regulations, once you get them, you do not need to go through smog again. This can change; there have been rumblings within the legislature of doing away with emission stations and relying entirely on mobile sniffer vans which would test your tailpipe emissions as you drive by. The problem with this system is that you could now get nailed just by driving around.

In order to pass the current system, required equipment will depend on the model year of your 40. For example, if your year originally had a smog pump, you must have one and have it at least *appear* to be working to pass the visual. 1981 and older does not need to go to envirotest, you can get a non-treadmill test at an independent station if you wish. If your 40 is 1979 or newer, it will also need the cat and smaller filler neck. For technical reasons, you do NOT need EGR in Colorado, even if the rig was so equipped from the factory. Also, none of the factory smog spaghetti needs to be present. Under all circumstances, you still have to pass actual emissions, either treadmill at envirotest or independent for 1981 and older. Note that only CO and HC are tested, unlike some states where they also test for NxOx.

Good luck and happy cruisin'!
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