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Originally Posted by subzali
Engine idle gets jumpy and idles down slightly when pumping the brakes at idle just sitting in place. Pedal swooshes somewhat like before.

We think there's still a little air in the lines, but not much because the pedal isn't squishy, once it gets hard it's hard.

1) Does it sound like the booster I yanked off of the FJ60 is also a bad one?
2) If the booster is bad, is there still a danger (as I guess there was before) of running 5 and 6 cylinders lean and burning stuff?
3) Cany somebody or everybody with an FJ40/55 describe what their brakes do? Or confirm if they observe the same behavior from their brakes?
4) Did I miss something in the bleeding procedure?
5) I had to cut the rod on the new booster, does it sound like I may be having a conflict with that?
6) Any other ideas? Wheel cylinders seem to be fine, no leakage or anything...
1) Yes, or a cracked/leaky check valve. Most likely the booster though, if the check valve were cracked and leaking you'd have a vacuum leak all the time, not just when you press the brake pedal.
2) Yes. Been there done that, burned #5 exhaust. Head job=$$$
3) I press on my brakes, I slow or stop, depending on how hard I press. I do not experience any change in idle. Change in how the engine runs when you press down on the brakes is a sure sign of a vacuum leak at the booster.
4) Probably not. Your description does not sound like you need any additional bleeding.
5) No, you usually have to adjust the rod length whenever a new master is installed.
6) Yes, adjust your rear cylinders. Having braking at a higher pedal position on the 2nd or subsequent pumps is always a sign that the cylinders need some adjustment.
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