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Originally Posted by subzali
I was planning on bleeding the system again anyway, but I've never adjusted the rears so I should probably do that.

A couple other things I thought of: is it possible that the check valve could be clogged or something? Or the hose that runs from the booster to the engine is clogged? I'll play with the pedal travel and pumping up, but I'm really concerned about the engine idle changing while I'm pumping the brakes, I think that has something to do with the booster.
Your description does not fit with air in the lines. Air in the system makes for soft pedal.

A clogged check valve or vacuum hose would mean that your booster would not operate. You probably already know the procedure to test if the booster is operating, but to reiterate: Engine off for at least several minutes so there is no residual vacuum for the booster. Press brake pedal until it stops at some point. Maintain same, even pressure with foot on pedal, then start engine. Pedal should now travel down some with the same, even amount of pressure with your foot on it.

A change in how the engine runs when you press the brake pedal is almost always a vacuum leak in the booster. They can be rebuilt and kits are available. I haven't done it (yet), but there is a rebuild procedure in the manual.
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