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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
Thanks for thinking of us Martin!
Can we park it over your house since you're nearby? Zach can just come over when he needs a part or two.

I don't think my wife will let us park any more FJ's here unless its an FZJ80/LX450 for her. We've currently got (2) 40's and a 55 along with a the Taco an ES300 and a 4Motion VW in the drive right now. My FX45 was rear ended at 45MPH on 6th Avenue last night and not sure if it's coming home again at this point. It's not drivable. We'll have to see what Kenny at Kittridge has to say about it tomorrow. No injuries, but we're just a bit stiff and sore today.

But I'll check out the 55.
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