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Originally Posted by Nay
Are there any t-case low range reduction options? I like the 4.10's on 35's...OD off is a perfect mate on the highway (3,000 RPM @ 70 mph) and PWR mode compensates nicely around town to get the revs up....and you run really low RPM on our endless downhills on I-70.

But offroad it's too high even with the hand throttle. Perfect solution would be something around 4.3:1 in the case for about $800 clams and the 4.10 strength in the diffs.

I like the high speed stuff, it's just getting there that is the problem especially uphill! The difference between my wife's stock 97 and mine is pretty big. I would like to get close to that back.

A crawler case would be nice, but they have NOTHING cheap for the 80 series.

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