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Originally Posted by MDH33 View Post
Kim would kill me if I parked a non-running rig in the driveway.

Sorry to hear about the wreck, glad you're ok.
Dad & Idelle are still pretty sore! But, wow! thanks for the tip Martin!

Didn't even need to buy what's left of the 55, actually he has two of them in his garage. We were able to get several of the most needed parts we so won't be asking to park a 55 carcass in your least not any time soon .

We picked-up a much needed rear window channel with rubber and window glass attached, a door hinge, a hood and grille for 40 bucks! Great deal, but not too much left on either 55 at this point. If anyone's looking for a 55 or maybe even a 45 frame, they're both in good shape and title's to boot.

He's trying to make room in his garage for a 40 that he's pretty much got done. Nice guy, so I invited him to a meeting and I'll call him before the next one to see if we can get him to check us out.

Again, Big thanks for the tip dude!!!
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